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We’ve always been somewhat delightfully different around here, so when we run an ad campaign, we like to make it a little bit special – just like our lovely cider. Here are some of our ads from the archives, plus some of our latest designs.

Upside Down Merrydown

In this clever award-winning campaign, each illustration in the series was designed by a different artist.

The World's Most...

The brief for this campaign was simple: Merrydown isn't like any other cider. So an ad campaign unlike any other seemed rather fitting…

Delightfully delicious

This expressive campaign focused on the delightful taste of Merrydown with some quirky, descriptive word-play, and explains the one-sip knowing-grin effect of our delightful cider.

Tasty Ads

Upside Down Merrydown

The world's most...

Delightfully delicious