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And it all started in a garage!

In 1946, three friends Jack Ward, Ian Howie and John Kelland-Knight, all from Rotherfield, East Sussex, each put up £100 to turn Jack’s wine-making hobby into a business. The Merrydown enterprise, named after Jack’s house, was underway.

The first batch of cider, then known as apple wine, was fermented from 450 gallons of apple juice using a 300 year-old oak cider press borrowed from a farmer. Nine years later, production had risen to 400,000 gallons.

Putting taste first

Well over 70 years have passed since we first started making Merrydown – the world has changed a lot, and so has our company. Yet one thing remains the same – our unique Sussex recipe that gives Merrydown its delightfully-delicious unique appley taste.

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